CEO & Senior Brand Strategist


Kristin K. Lee Swenson successfully leads Kreativz in its mission to accelerate brands and achieve brand-level implementations. Kristin’s collaborative leadership style achieves amazing results for her clients. Her ability to bridge the highly creative and the highly technical have earned her a loyal following among clients. 

With over 20 years’ experience, she has developed communications and technology products, programs and campaigns to serve local, national and international businesses, nonprofit and community organizations. She has also led technology applications or products for those brands. She has led Kreativz development of the empathy-driven design approach and strives to educate clients about the shifting realities of designing for and communicating with the audiences of today. 

Kristin leverages a unique combination of agency and in-house expertise to align brand strategies with business or organizational goals, to drive sustainable growth through multiple channels and to reach desired audiences for maximum business or social impact. She is especially passionate about Kreativz making a positive impact in the world. Under her leadership, the company has contributed over $2M in donations or in-kind contribution since 2007.