Kreativz is a founding member of the brand Khel Now, a social sports platform connecting thousands of soccer fans, players, and professional athletes with India's soccer culture and content. Through collaboration and creative direction, Kreativz designed the concepts that influenced the brand identity Khel Now has today - including its name, logo and platform architecture and design.




The development of Khel Now's logo and name were part of the deeper brand development that Kreativz was retained to design and build. The Kreativz team drew from its Asian experience to design the pillars of Khel Now's visual look and feel. The result was a powerful and authentic brand story.




The style guide established a rubric for Khel Now marketers and communicators to reference as they built Khel Now's presence online. It outlined the brand's primary colors, fonts, rules for using the logo, how to style web pages.

For the Khel Now website and mobile app, Kreativz designed multiple page styles and app interfacing examples to ensure there was consistent implementation of the brand during development. Designs included pages for information, for blog posts, for live media, and for user logins.




While Khel Now's mission has changed in recent years, the brand foundation still remains strong and prolific. The site continues to share India's soccer culture with the world and inspire thousands to join, watch, play, and live well.