Brand Identity, Communications Strategy, Graphic Design

Kreativz led a full brand evolution for an elite, members-only organization – Pacific Pension & Investment Institute (PPI). We began with the Kreativz stakeholder engagement process for board, staff and membership, coupled with an analysis of the brand's foundation. The results initiated a redesign of the brand's identity, including a name change, new tagline and redesign of PPI's logo and core business materials, which then influenced  online presence and digital experience.




The Brand Report was the result of Kreativz's 360-degree engagement process intended to deepen the understanding of how PPI sees itself today and where the organization is going. This involved gathering perspectives and insights from the board, staff, different membership types, and other organizational stakeholders. The final brand report detailed key observations that provided pivotal insights into their path forward.



During the brand evolution process, Kreativz helped PPI to develop their story and communicate it through language and visuals, particularly by establishing the appropriate voice and tone and a consistent design style to be implemented across print and digital channels.




Kreativz spearheaded the use of bold and energetic imagery to communicate PPI's dimension and perspective. Whether it is a cityscape, a shot of people, a street scene charged with motion, or architectural marvels, the imagery displayed deep insight into PPI’s value in shaping investing decisions that impact millions of lives. 




Business cards, the letterhead, and email signatures are often the first encounter an individual or organization has with PPI. By updating core business materials, Kreativz ensured the new direction of PPI was communicated in every manifestation of the brand.