Kreativz founder Kristin Lee Swenson developed early branding and the worldwide communications program for startup interfaith, nonpro t organization United Religion Initiative (URI) including localization strategies, toolkits, online community development, media and PR, and more. 


Recently, Kreativz has re-engaged to help deepen the organization’s impact story and design.

As the organization’s design and strategy partner, we are working on annual communications alongside a new 5-year fundraising and awareness campaign. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.21.11 PM.png

Kreativz led the process to design the campaign name, theme and lead communications.

The People Uniting Campaign will ensure URI’s long-term nancial sustainability and increase URI’s impact in the world. The financial aspect seeks to permanently fund URI’s annual operations. As part of campaign efforts, members worldwide will celebrate the organization’s progress and invite the world to join URI in this global movement.