GenCap is a boutique investment management firm in Marin County serving individuals, families, and wealth advisors. While the company experienced great success over the years, competition in the financial services market continued to grow. GenCap approached Kreativz for help differentiating its brand from competitors and enhancing brand experience for its customers.



Kreativz began by establishing a new online presence for GenCap. The GenCap website needed to be unique in order to reflect their nontraditional approach to investment management. By extending GenCap's logo into the web designs, the site reinforced GenCaps values for new and existing customers.



Kreativz also helped guide the site's messaging in order to place emphasis on not only what GenCap does but why they do it. GenCap's excaliber philosophy and set of "What Motivates Us" were impactfully presented and made easy-to-access. Site visitors not only knew exactly what services were provided, but the kind of people who would provide them.

The result was a refreshingly different portrayal of wealth management that broke new ground in the financial services market.