10,000 Degrees is a non-profit organization that helps thousands of students each year get to and through college. Each year it lights the future for low-income students by reaching out to the community and inspiring them to give. Over the past few years, Kreativz has helped 10,000 Degrees grow the number of students they serve each year and shape how the community views education.



Brand Evolution + Campaign

To effectively inspire the community to give, 10,000 Degrees wanted to spark a movement that would achieve transformative scale. Working collaboratively with the Communications and Marketing Director Janet Durkin, Kreativz helped to craft a two-fold strategy: re-envision the look and feel of the I Am One Degree annual fundraising campaign, and position it as a fast-growing movement for social change. 


Kreativz took this foundation and established a unique and consistent visual identity that was strong enough to last years of campaigning across print, digital and web outlets. The logo was created to be complex enough to stand on its own but simple enough to be built on over the years as the movement took shape. 


Street Pole Banners


Wall Posters


Business Cards



10KD Tshirt


Business Plans & Reports

Together with the Executive team, Kreativz helped articulate and define 10,000 Degrees’ vision and goals for a five-year strategic plan. This project included strategic planning, graphic design and brand positioning.

Strategic Plan 2016-2021


Annual Progress Report 2016

Kreativz has designed and executed three annual progress reports, each one accomplishing the organization’s





Kreativz designed and developed the 10,000 Degrees homepage and 6 interior page templates. The user interface was clean, easy to use, and easy to navigate. The functionality was structured to provide information and resources, registration portals, news and updates, and much more. Kreativz provided website training for staff, third-party integration, responsive design, and integration of a donation system.




Event Promotion

Kreativz created the branding for One Amazing Night, 10,000 Degrees largest annual fundraiser. One Amazing Night connects to the I AM ONE campaign by getting all donors and supporters together for one evening to celebrate the impact of the movement.



Marketing Collateral